multisite - one login

i am not sure if i am missing something because i am so new to wordpress but... i have three site...

and they all have wordpress 3.1 installed on them... does it not allow for a user to login to one site and then be logged in the other?

  • Mason

    Hiya Sharena,

    It sounds like you have 3 separate WordPress installs. If so, they each have their own database and thus don't share any login information. There's no way logging into one could log you into the others.

    If you have one multi-site with 3 sub-sites in the same install, then yes, having one super-admin user (or one regular user who has a role on each sub-site) would allow you to move between them without needing to login again.

    Does that help? If ya tell us a bit more about what you're trying to do maybe we can offer some advice. ;D


  • Mason


    Well, you could export all data from two of your sites and import them into the third (after enabling the multi-site capabilities). It'd be a bit of work, but doable.

    Worth noting though is how different each of your sites (and their functions) seem to be. BuddyPress especially is activated "network wide" so you'll have to do a bit of work to keep it from interfering with other sub-sites on a multi-site install.

    In the end it's up to you, but if you're the only one who needs to be able to log into all 3 I'd just set everything up to use the same username/password on each site OR (more secure) use a tool like 1password to keep track of your logins for you:

    In the end it may be nicer having the different sites separated. :smiley:

  • slpconte

    ok... so i will suck it up and leave all 3 sites to have their own logins... maybe i can design the home page of the main site to have the login modules for all three in the content....

    soooo.... for the client site i have learned how to create pages for the client that no one else can access... is there away for me to allow the clients to enter information (journal like) on the front end? i will create custom pages for each client when they register and want them to log certain things like goals and a food journal... just a thought...

  • Mason

    Hiya Sharena,

    I'd think a separate blog would be easier for you to manage at least. You could use the New Blog Template plugin to automatically populate each one with a specific theme, settings, and even initial data entry.

    Then, give each new client a specific role on the new site (also can be done automatically through signup I believe) so that they will only be an author or contributor. This way, they can sign in and add content, but not be bothered with admin-type settings. Each blog can also be kept private so that it's only viewable to members of that blog and you as super admin.

    Setting it up with multi-site's not too difficult. If you need further instruction, let us know!

    Hope this helps! Thanks!

  • Equipe Grupo Elo

    Hy MasonJames,
    I have a similar situation. The difference is that I am opening the sites (3 groups of different sites: students, members and businesses).
    My question is if I shoul use MultiSite with or without BuddyPress. I am allready testing but I can't get it clear if I should use different Plugins to the different sites/blogs without BP or if I can do so with BP.
    Thanks in advance

  • Mason

    Hiya Marco,

    You definitely can have multi-site along with BuddyPress. As to should you, well, that all depends on whether or not you want to have a full-fledged social network. That's what BuddyPress is designed for - activity threads, groups, personal messages between members, etc.

    Many of these individual features can be found in a simplified form through other plugins if you don't want or need a full-fledged social network.

    Either way will work, but it's ultimately about your project and users. What suits their needs best?

    Thanks, and again, welcome! Good to see ya here! :smiley:

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