Multisite or not multisite, there is the doubt

I have seen many pages about multisite, all of them full of pros and cons, so I would like to tell you about my project and understand what is best for me.
I have this site (site1) full of notices, users and also a buddypress install.
I will have this other site (site2) which will take some notices of site1 and also will allow users of site1 to enter.
I will have this web application which will use Wordpress protection to allow access.
Is multisite for me?
what other options I have to share information between sites?
Thanks a lot for the help.

  • Vaughan


    that's a good question.

    whilst multisite will allow you to combine both into 1 network, so that all users can access & belong to each site with the same login credentials etc, it's also easier to manager.

    which web application are you referring to? & what is your intention for using it as there maybe other solutions when on multisite.

    options available for 2 seperate single sites are limited, but we do have a user synchronization plugin which will allow you to sync users between sperate sites, so their login details are shared, though i don't think it will allow them to be signed in to both when they login in to just 1 site, they would also have to login to the other site. with multisite, this isn't necessary as all users belong to the network, whilst they can still maintain their presence on 1 particular subsite.

    hope this helps.

  • Gerardo

    Hi Vaughan,
    I want to create an information system, that let me create companies that can be share by users, and also to fill information as team in the same app.
    But if you tell me that site 1 and site 2 will be able to share users and news without problem I don't care to use multi site or single sites.
    I am asking because of the many advises on the web about the use of multisite (slow performance, so complicated for just two sites)
    What do you think? is it possible to run multisite for just two sites in a shared hosting?

  • Vaughan


    yes, 2 seperate sites can share users by using user sync plugin

    sharing news is different though, but we have a plugin called auto blog which can pull posts from external sites RSS feeds and it will then create posts on your site from that feed.

    it is also quite possible to use multisite for this too, the initial setup is a bit more involved than single sites, but it will happily run on shared servers with just 2 sites. the overheads on performance would be negligible for just 2 sites. but as said, it might be a bit much for 2 sites which you have at moment.

    it's a tough choice. the multisite will allow you to administer both sites without needing to physically log into both at the same time, and all users would be network users on the multisite, so no need to sync. but as you say, it's easy to manage 2 seperate sites anyway. not so much if you have several.

    hope this helps

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