Multisite Plugin Manager

If you have a number of websites running in a Wordpress Mulitsite Network and need to upgrade a plugin, it's difficult from the UI to find which sites a plugin is active on. If you upgrade the plugin, several sites may have broken but without click into every dashboard, you can't get a simple list of sites using that plugin.

It's my understanding that you can look in the database and the plugins will show a "1" or "0" for "active" or "inactive".

I would like a simple Mulitsite Plugin Manager that tells you which sites a plugin is active on from within the Wordpress Network Admin.

This was first mentioned this this post:

Does anyone else think this would be useful?

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Page1Solutions,

    That would actually be a great addition to the Multisite Plugin Manager, some way to display the sites on which a particular plugin is activated.

    Potentially, you could use the Mass Deactivate option provided by the plugin to deactivate a plugin on all sites.

    I should have mentioned it in that prior thread and I've just updated it accordingly. Perhaps that plugin's Mass Deactivate option would take care of that for you though?


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