Multisite plugin question

I’m new here and new to multisites.

I’m in the process of testing some plugins. In this case it’s the In Post Ads plugin.

But my questions is about all MU plugins.

If i install a plugin like the In Post Ads. Is this plugin for the admin of the network ( ie me :slight_smile: ) or every user that signs up.

I intend to offer free blogs and would like to have stuff installed across every new blog set up by normal users.. But i don’t want them to be able to edit / remove my plugins.

In this case if i added the Id Ad Plugin.. and i wanted to put a small advert letting others know to sign up for a free blog .. and I wouldn’t want them to remove it.. can i do this >

If i wanted to add a ad or message in the footer / below the blog — can i do this ?

If i want Google stats installed so i can check all traffic coming to every site can i do this ?

If i can how do i set up the plugins so they will work across every site with other people signing up and just deactivating the plugins in there admin area ?

I installed my Multisite via cpanel — should i download an office copy and install it manually ?.. or does it matter.

thanks for reading :wink: