MultiSite-Primary domain not showing at all

Howzit everyone. Loving it here now that I convinced my self to join up. Tons of great great info.

Im currently running 3.0.1, added the domain mapping, and multi-domains plugins(used correct sunrise also).
Im on a temporary shared server, with a dedicated ip and everything thus far seems to be working just perfect including setting up and signing up for multiple domains, however........
My main/primary domain doesnt appear in the list anywhere, and if I try to add it to the multidomains admin then the entire site goes out and just shows as "not fount". But while its not listed or not an option everything else works great and users can choose from all the other domains.

After nearly 8 hours of non-stop reading, testing and restesting changes im finally at a loss.
Has anyone else seen this or know where I may begin looking to try to get my primary domain back listed.