MultiSite-Primary domain not showing at all

Howzit everyone. Loving it here now that I convinced my self to join up. Tons of great great info.

Im currently running 3.0.1, added the domain mapping, and multi-domains plugins(used correct sunrise also).
Im on a temporary shared server, with a dedicated ip and everything thus far seems to be working just perfect including setting up and signing up for multiple domains, however........
My main/primary domain doesnt appear in the list anywhere, and if I try to add it to the multidomains admin then the entire site goes out and just shows as "not fount". But while its not listed or not an option everything else works great and users can choose from all the other domains.

After nearly 8 hours of non-stop reading, testing and restesting changes im finally at a loss.
Has anyone else seen this or know where I may begin looking to try to get my primary domain back listed.

  • ZBlogs

    Howzit Ulrich, thanks for the reply. I cannot find any error in the log for this module, there are several errors going on with the database, but all these items were added after the mult-domain tool. And wether they are installed or ive removed them to redo my primary still doesnt show........

    Anyhoos, here is a couple of the errors that keep occuring.......

    WordPress database error Unknown column 'option_type' in 'field list' for query select option_name, option_type, option_value from wp_1_options where option_name = 'permalink_structure' made by require, require_once, require_once, require_once, include_once, ms_muXmlSitemap->__construct, ms_muXmlSitemap->getPermealinkStructure

    WordPress database error Table 'blogger_blogmu.wp_530_FollowMe_Links' doesn't exist for query SELECT * FROM wp_530_FollowMe_Links made by require, require_once, include, get_footer, locate_template, load_template, require_once, wp_footer, do_action, call_user_func_array, FollowMe_Bubble

    WordPress database error Table 'blogger_blogmu.wp_467_options' doesn't exist for query SELECT * FROM wp_467_options WHERE option_name = 'blogname' made by require, require_once, include, include, art_sidebar, dynamic_sidebar, call_user_func_array, widget_anblogs, list_all_wpmu_blogs, echoArrayBlogList, echoArrayBlogList, get_blog_option

    Thanks for the aknowledgement, hopefully and im sure, its just something ive done wrong or missed.

  • ZBlogs

    Ok, have corrected all but the top one there. So just in case, I also went thru and de-activated every plugin including domain mapping except for multi-domains. Still a no go, so I deleted all the plugins, still a no go.

    Finally gettin everything back to where its supposed to be, but not getting the main site domain to show up in choices for multidomain signup still.

    Really really frusterating after two days on same issue. Time to back away for a while I guess.

  • Mason

    Hiya ZBlogs,

    Sorry for all the trouble, this is definitely not the norm. Honestly, if the site is brand new you may be better off trying a completely new installation. You shouldn't be facing issues like this and if everything isn't 100% as it should be, it may show itself down the road in other ways.

    I know that's not an actual solution and Ulrich may be able to offer an alternative for ya, but if you're not too far yet, never hurts to go for a fresh install.


  • ZBlogs

    Unfortunately this site is already a couple of years old, and has a few hundred niche specific users. Starting over is definitly not an option. Growing is a good keyword, but this could really affect everything hugely. So far its not affecting any links to the site, or existing people useing the base domain, but im getting lots of request as to why they cannot choose the actual site domain as a choice for their sub.
    Oh well, back to reading I guess.

  • ZBlogs

    New version made no changes, if try to add primary domain for use, it kills the site.

    Im just going to abandon this and domain mapping for a while.

    Got to say though, im a little disappointed in the setup here. 4 out of the 5 plugins that were downloaded from here had bugs or errors or updates needed. However, there was nothing saying double check the forums for any updates or changes, and thats where, when searching for issues I would come across the updates, errors or workaround for known issues.
    There should definitly be a note in all downloads or at least on the downloads pages stating that these plugins may not be up to date, so check the forums before installing. It could probably really help people with errors before they get them.( I cant speak for anyone else, but I would have assumed the copy I download would be the latest release). This kinda leads to a huge learning curve for intergration into existing sites, so my reccomendation would be a statement in download files and on the plugins page for people to check the forums before installing plugins.

    While there are definitly some nice plugins and themes here, and general support seems to be pretty good, I personally dont see any advantage offered that would command $70+ a month.

    Thanks to everyone for their time.
    Bill H.

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