Multisite Privacy and automatically adding users to protected blogs

Hi, I'm running Multisite Privacy with the blogs all set with the settings: user must be logged in + user must be registered to the site to view. This is good, as our blogs are for under-18 children attending our camp.

I am also running the plugin at (with a few small modifications) that adds visiting users to a blog if they are A: logged in and B: have the role I specify on blog #1. Before Multi Privacy, this worked great. A Camp Leader would be added as editor to the child's blog the first time they visited.

However, Multisite Privacy appears to run too soon - that plugin never gets a chance to add the visiting user to the blog's user table, and the Camp Leader only sees "Site Access Denied This site may only be viewed by users who are subscribed to this site."

How can I change the order in which these two plugins are run? I need the halfelf plugin to run before Multi Privacy does its check. It is set to add_action( 'wp' , 'helf_add_users' , 10); We need to have some way to make sure the appropriate users are added automatically to all blogs.

Or, is there some other fully automated way that all users with the "camp_leader" role would be automatically added to all existing and future blogs as "editor"?

Thank you!