Multisite Privacy Options


Recently Multisite Privacy has ceased working properly on WP4.7 multisite network.
When administrators only option is selected under Reading option, it prevents login through wordpress login. Any other option works as expected.

When the settings are for Administrators Only, no one can log in, not even the Network Super Admin. The only way to access a site is to log into another site on the network and then visit the dashboard of the target site from the dashboard of another site.

Any help would be appreciated.



It would be great if Multisite Privacy could be modified to add a couple of additional privacy levels as shown below, but rather than wait on that to happen, can anyone provide the code to customize the plugin accordingly?

Allow search engines to index this site
Discourage search engines from indexing this site
Note: Neither of these options blocks access to your site — it is up to search engines to honor your request.
Visible only to registered users of this network
Visible only to registered users of this site
Visible only to administrators of this site
Only administrators can visit - good for testing purposes before making it live.
Anyone that visits must first provide this password:
Note: Anyone that is a registered user of this blog won't need this password.