Multisite Privacy Plugin Improvement Suggestion

I have been using the privacy plugin for a while and like it, but we need some more options for individual posts/pages on sites.

I would suggest adding a settings option to "Allow for Individual Post and Pages to select privacy". If this setting is selected by the network admin then site administrators would be see a field below the post/page (or on the sidebar) where they could select the privacy for a certain page.

Would this be something easy I could add?

  • DavidM
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    Hi jeffvand,

    I don't think that would be easy to add with this plugin given the way it works. Really, some of those settings are possible by various means, like making a post or page Private in the visual editor.

    It's also possible to hide content from non-logged in users by using a plugin like the Membership plugin.

    Or alternatively, hiding posts/pages using is_user_logged_in() in your theme's template files to restrict them on an id basis perhaps.

    It's really the hiding of pages from the search engines while making them available to non-logged in users that I imagine might be a bit tough but that's more of a core concern given that the blog privacy option is part of the core and not specific to this plugin.

    Let me check with a couple of the other guys over here to see if they've got ideas on this one as well.


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    Hmmm... okay. Thanks for the tips y'all. Membership seems like overkill for what I need to do, especially since I would like to offer this to each of the 1700+ sites on my network. I'll look into some other options. If anyone else has ideas on how I can easily make this happen that would be great.



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