Multisite Privacy prompts for login when already logged in

Our site is completely private and all users must be logged in the use anything.

Initial visits to the site prompt for a login as expected. If you open a new tab and access the same site or you close the browser without logging out it will prompt you to log in but never allow you to log back in you are in a login prompt loop.

But, if you click the link to return to the site at the bottom of the login prompt you get the home page properly.

Usually, this will not happen if you log out of the site instead of closing the page. However, I have had it occur when I signed into the site at a computer for the very first time.

This occurs on all subsites and the main site. It is a real issue trying to get people to understand they can just click the link if they are "stuck".

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Donna

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    I just did a bit of testing on my own network with the same settings as in your screenshot, but I'm afraid I cannot reproduce that behavior.

    Once I am logged into a site (subsite or main site) as a regular user, I can access the site in multiple tabs, and am still logged in even if I close the browser & re-open it.

    The only time this could happen by design is if the user opens the site in a new tab more than 30 minutes after having logged-in initially. The session cookie is set for 1800 seconds (30 minutes).

    Have you tested for possible conflicts with other plugins/scripts active on your site as illustrated in the diagram at the bottom of this page?

  • Donna

    Just an update on this to close it out.

    I never could figure out exactly what was causing this issue but once I turned off Multisite Privacy the problem went away. If I turned it on the problem was back.

    I uninstalled Multisite Privacy and switched to Network Privacy plugin and all problems were gone. Not a single issue with the other Privacy plug-in. Switching that plugin was the only change made to solve the problem.

    Whatever it is has to do with the Multisite somehow / somewhere. I just don't have time to chase it when the other one works perfectly from the moment it is installed.

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