Multisite Privacy - stuck in settings screen - can't access other network admin areas

I just turned on Multisite privacy changed the setting in the network admin to make all of the sites not indexable by Google. It went through all 18 sites quickly and I thought all was well. I went to one of the sites and updated the privacy setting to require password protection - this worked.

When I went back to network admin to do something else, I was taken to the network settings page and anywhere I try to go....plugins, themes, users, etc. it just refreshes the settings page and updates all 18 sites again.

Given that I can't do anything in network admin area, can I just go into the plugins folder on the server and delete this one?

I did have a plugin that I've since deleted that created some database tables and they seem to be pretty problematic - no idea if it's related - I can't get those tables removed right this minute - have to wait for a DBA. So first off, I just want to try and delete the multisite privacy plugin.