Multisite + Pro Sites + BuddyPress (+ bbPress) So I logged

Multisite + Pro Sites + BuddyPress (+ bbPress)

So I logged in as my test user (a standard registered user) and I clicked on a WP-Admin link and I get the WordPress “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” Before Pro Sites, I could access the WP-Admin to modify profile settings, use the invites plugin, and support plugin. Now I can’t.

Another problem, on sub sites when the test user is logged in, they see the Pro Sites button in the Admin bar when they are logged in. Again, the test user does not have any permissions. The test user is a default subscriber (and forum participant).

Feature requests:

* Don’t show the make a blog on the signup form.

* Make a setting to make the user pay to make the blog and remove the free role.

* Clean up some of the wording on the pages as some of the sentences are pretty confusing to a new user to Pro Sites.

* Theme the Checkout page (Short codes, colors, etc).

* Add descriptions to the different levels.

This is the only WPMU Dev plugin that needs a page to function and doesn’t have short codes :slight_frown: