Multisite question

Hi! I just joined WPMUDEV with a free trial account. Seems like all I need so far! Congratulations. I need to ask a question regarding multisites, to help me better understand the next steps. Before, a brief overview of my intent: I am building a website to start a multisite network of online courses, for art educators. I aim to build the online infrastructure to host and sell theire courses. Each one wiil have a blog, online course, landingpage and sales page. So far I am with Learndash LMS plugin. At first I will configure every thing by myself, not open for self registration yet. Though, would love to do this further with Pro Sites:slight_smile: My question is: Does wordpress allow me to build my primary site with all the necessary plugins and then start the multisite network only expanding their use on other sites without having to reinstall them? I´ve read a WPMUDEV post on multisites but this part wasn´t very clear to me. I really appreciate some word of advice on this. Thanks!