Multisite Redirect Loop

Hi, I have a multisite hosted on wpengine. wpengine provided a domain link like and the site was setup on that and all was working fine. The links to subsites I created where like

Created a cname record on my actual domain to redirect to Now I am able to access the WP admin panel at but when I try to access the network admin panel the system throws an error saying "too many redirects". Has anyone come across this issue? or know a solution to resolve the issue?

Wondering whether the issue is due to how the links to subsites are i.e. the link has a subdomain to a subdomain?

  • John Overall
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    The issue could be the way the links are done could also be a corrupt .htaccess file. It does sound like using the cname record is confusing things up. Keep in mind when going to the Network admin the path is " so this is another layer down.

    John Overall

  • Dominic
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    Yeah I've had more than my fair share of issues relating to this, WP isn't a big fan of you changing the domain of the main site in multisite. Here's a few things to check and potentially update:

    - wp_site table - this needs to contain a single record with the main site domain
    - wp_blogs - the domain for your main site needs to be correct
    - wp_options - site url and site address need to be correct

    - wp_config.php - the multisite related code, I think the constant name is "CURRENT_SITE" also needs to be correct with your main site domain

    That's off the top of my head, let me know if these don't fix it and I'll look into what I did last time.


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