Multisite Redirect Loop – Network Type Change

Morning :slight_smile:

I have a multisite that is currently stuck in a redirect loop for the front end. The admin panel works fine.

The site was initially setup as a WordPress 3.5 standalone in its own directory. I then followed the instructions for “Create A Network” on the WP Codex site, which allowed me to setup the site as a multisite. As the blog was over a month old at the time (with very few posts) the network setup would only allow a subdomain network to be created.

After the setup had completed I installed the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin in preparation for the new sites I was going to create. I then followed the instructions for “Switching Network Types” as I knew I wouldn’t have any issues with existing posts and new site names.

My site is now stuck in a redirection loop.

When I visit the site ( using Chrome I get a 310 error (too many redirects) and the URL changes to “…….”

I have tried reverting the wp-config and .htaccess changes back from subfolder to subdomain but it still doesn’t work.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks,