Multisite redirect problem with NOBLOGREDIRECT

My problem is that after rebuilding a website to Multisite a few months back i got a redirect issue that affect my website negative.

When going to Multisite i did get a problem with visitors getting redirected to

when coming in on a url without “www”, This was solved by adding

define( 'NOBLOGREDIRECT', '' );

in wp-config, Did not think so much on this after that but did over the coming months see a quite big drop in search ranks and have since then been looking for the issue time to time and think i got it now, When visitors coming in to site without using “www” on url they will be redirected with an “302” to

Say a visitor coming to the site on the url they will get an 302 redirect to

How can this be solved so the visitor coming in on get’s correctly 301 redirected to

Have been trying some htaccess hax but don’t think it can be solved from there, think the main issue is within the wp-config and the need to use define( 'NOBLOGREDIRECT'

Any solution to this ?

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    Greetings whatbox,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev!

    Thank you for this great question!

    I am not sure that there is much you can do about this and also as you mentioned losing rank, the 301 redirects should have nulled this point.

    However, lots of firms have been screaming about losing rank in the last few months with the Google Penguin release.

    Now to the problem at hand.

    The WordPress codecs clearly indicate that a MultiSite is to be constructed without using the WWW as shown here on the codex:

    And shown in my attached screen shot below.

    The MultiSite should have been created without the www to begin with, however, as you mentioned this used to not be a MultiSite installation and it was later converted.

    At this point I hesitate to give any advice which would affect your ranking and possibly make things even worse. In addition, considering the 301 redirects, I could hardly attribute these to your loss in rank since this is indeed Google’s own recommended way to handle this.

    It may be purely coincidental that the timing of your change to MultiSite and Google’s Penguin release coincided and even if you had not converted to MultiSite the rank loss would have still happened, but unfortunately we will never know.

    The only advice I can offer at this time and which I think is the best advice, is to not do anything at all except what you normally do for search engine optimization and leave the 301’s alone.

    Let the search engine bot figure out the redirects and messing with them further could compound the negative situation in which only time and the will sort out anyway. Messing with it more may just extend the pain that much longer.

    Cheers, Joe

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