Multisite Redirect W/ Form & Access Code?

Hello. I have some properties that I believe other marketers would like to utilize for lead generation. What I would like to do is create a WP Multisite and allow marketers to create their own sites. Then, I would like to assign (or allow the individual user to create their own) "Access Code". The purpose of the "Access Code" is so that it would allow any visitor who lands on any of the top level domains to enter it (i.e the "Access Code") and be redirected to the user's individual site. The benefit to the marketer is that they would be able to advertise the base URL as their own instead of having to use OR Assigning an Access Code would also allow the marketer to market his individual user site using any Access Code they want instead of being limited to using their username as the Access Code. Is this possible already? Does anyone know of an existing plugin that might work? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • Chris

    That seems like an odd idea.

    Your argument being that having is offputting? But your solution is having be blank, and ask just for a code, in order to proceed.

    I suspect you will have a very very high bounce rate, not to forget the likely shoddy impact this will have on SEO.

    Why not just allow them to register domains, and redirect them ie pointing to


  • friendlywebdesign

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your question.

    For example, I have a domain "". Marketers who promote network marketing or home-based business opportunities would love to be able to advertise their particular offer using a premium domain like that. These websites, for the most part, will be simple landing page/lead generation sites. To advertise a "" is very offputting because it sounds like a canned marketing or blogging website. In direct sales, many will decide whether to visit the website or not based on the URL, not the proposed content. We want to increase conversions for visitors who are not direct linking to our website.

    Additionally, to help each of my members convert higher, I will create a top level front end that proclaims the benefits of working from home for the sole purpose of pre-selling each visitor. Once visitors navigate the front end pre-sales funnel, they will be prompted to enter their Access Code. Again, this is important for several reasons, but none more important than when incorporating direct marketing methods.

    Of course, members are always free to market their individual user sites any way they wish so if members wish to direct link to their individual site... they can. However, conversion rates are likely not to be as high.

    Again, my reasoning for requesting the functionality is to add value to our service. Hopefully that answers your question.

  • Mason


    I think this would have to be a custom plugin, but it wouldn't be too hard to put together.

    I'd recommend placing a request for a quote up on the Job Boards and seeing if anyone is available to put it together for you:

    Unless anyone else has seen something for this? I just haven't run across any plugin that would do this right 'out of the box'.


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