Multisite Registration / redirection

Hi Guys,

I wonder if anyone can help me on this? I have a multi site using the following setup;

Main site = Woo shop and event manager for selling event tickets
Subsite = CoursePress Pro for courses
Subsite = Wiki based using Sabai Discuss

I'm also using Profile Builder Pro with the addon Custom Profile Menus

I'm aiming for one login and registration page with a redirect on logout. Though I seem to have created a redirecting monster and looking to streamline the process.

Users, once registered, will be able to gain access to all three sites, thanks to Multisite this works a treat. I have installed Login Redirect this morning and configured a redirect page that lists URL links to the three sites (basic at the moment while testing), so when a user logs in they see this page and then can jump to whichever site they want to access.

I'm wondering if the same redirect can include the registration process? Am I missing something or a process I could use? I think I'm looking for a tried and tested way using multisites, which I am of course looking to see if anyone else has achieved this, which I'm sure they have.

Also, I'm not a great coder but have an understanding and I'm learning, but I'm also aiming to add this;

On logout the user is taken back to the homepage of the site they were previously on or does it make more sense to just go back to the login page with links to the sites?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you