Multisite settings for godaddy dns

I have setup a Multisite installation with subfolders that appears to work fine. I've added the necessary WPMUdev Multidomain plugins to map the domains, however I cannot seem to get the godaddy purchased domains to work to the subfolder sites I have created. Any ideas on what settings I need to use within godaddy (or any 3rd party domain registrar) in order for this to work?

  • Alexander

    Hey @posthost,

    Just to confirm, is this for Multi-Domains or Domain Mapping? I just wanted to check first, as both are similar. Domain Mapping will allow any domain to be mapped to a subsite. Multi Domains allows users to create a new site on their choice of domain.

    Proceeding for Multi-Domains, have you added the domains in the plugin settings? You can see instructions for this here:

    What happens when you try to pull up a domain that you are trying to use? Does it go to your WordPress site? Or just showing parked with GoDaddy? If you're getting GoDaddy, you'll just need to change a few DNS settings to get the domains pointed to your WordPress site. The settings you need to change for this are provided in the link above as well.

    Let me know what you find out here! Hopefully we can get this sorted soon :slight_smile:

    Take care

  • posthost

    As usual, I really appreciate the awesome and fast response.

    Here is the GoDaddy domain I am trying to point to my 1und1 shared hosting.

    As you can see, the error shows "Not found". Before hand I got a GoDaddy page, so changed the DNS A-Records to point to my hosted IP address (, using the Asterix (*) + the IP address. If I go into the Domain Mapping part of the subfolder ( site and try to map the domain there, I get the message "Domain name is unavailable to access".

    And thank you for the URL you supplied, as I double checked I have setup all these steps correctly.

    Any ideas what I am missing?

  • Alexander

    Hi @posthost,

    Thanks for checking back with me. I'm so sorry about missing your last post.

    I've pinged both domains, and they are resolving to the same IP. So we're getting close.

    It's likely at this point the new domain is either pointing to an empty folder, or the document root is not set properly.

    In your 1&1 account, check the document root for that domain, and be sure it's pointing to the exact same folder as your WordPress site.

    What you want is for all mapped domains to reach index.php for your WordPress multisite installation. Then WordPress will load, and the Domain Mapping plugin will detect the domain and provide the correct site.

    Best regards,

  • posthost

    Unfortunately, I am not sure what you mean, so please be patient with me.

    My WP installation is in the root of the hosting, so shouldn't that mean that all subfolder multi-site websites will also be located there? I logged into my 1und1 hosting panel, but I'll be darned if I can find anything that helps me set the "document root for that domain". Can you perhaps either explain or link to an article that gives me more information what I need to be looking for?

    Do I need to give you my settings for the .htaccess file or the settings I have used in the "Domain Mapping" plugin?

  • Alexander

    Hi @posthost,

    Yes, what you've described above is correct. However, you don't need to create the actual folders for the sub sites. If you actually have real folders for the other domains, the web server will just point the domains into those folders and nothing will happen.

    Rather you need to make sure the add on domains point to the root folder. Usually this is "public_html" This is what I mean by document root. Then when you visit that domain, the web server will choose to run index.php for WordPress. Then the Multi Domains plugin can detect which domain is being used, and serve the correct sites.

    You should be able to edit the domain in your hosting account and choose what folder it points to.

    Best regards,

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