multisite setup & domains - PRO-SITES vs WHMCS

I have a project where I will sell users custom websites, with custom post types etc.
and I want them to be able to create their website on the network either as a subdomain
website for free, or with their own domain - payed. I want to enable them to either bring their
own domain, or to buy domain through my interface/website.

I understand I need Domain Mapping plugin and maybe Multi Domain.
I also understand I will need Pro Sites plugin.
But I also see that WHMCS provisioning plugin (and perhabs WHMCS integration plugin) have their use case - particularly in domain selling part of what I plan to do.

So what is the advantage / difference if I use PRO SITES vs WHMCS plugin/plugins,
because I dont want to sell hosting itself, just sites on multisite network.
Or do I need them both?

Thanks in advance!

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Tonino,

    Hope you're doing well today and welcome to the WPMU DEV Community!

    Based on your above description, I think going with Pro Sites and Domain Mapping is 100% your best bet :slight_smile:

    Pro Sites and Domain Mapping together will allow you to sell subsites within your network and your members can also purchase Domains from within their WP Dashboards via eNom integration.

    WHMCS is more for if you're wanting to sell other products as well, such as hosting. All of the billing and customer management would be within WHMCS too.

    In my opinion, unless you need something that you can only get with WHMCS, it ends up being a step that makes your setup unnecessarily complicated.

    As with Multi-Domains, that is only if you want to give your free members another option for the TLD they use with their free subdomain.

    ie. you normally would have but with Multi-Domains you could allow the new user to select instead.

    Of course, they can only select from domains that you have registered and added to your Multi-Domains settings.

    Hope that helps! If you have any further questions on this just let us know :slight_smile:


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