Multisite- Since I am running Multsite IP address will not point so specific instance

I am having trying to set up Domain Mapping and I set up Multisite, then wanted to add domain mapping, and I had to buy a new dedicated IP and then change my root or main web address to my multisite, in order to have the IP address point directly to it. Once I did all of this, my hosting provider is telling me that my IP address will not point directly to my site because there are many different instances of wordpress (multisite) so it files thru and pulls an html landing page out of my main directory... He said that because I am running multisite it can't pick out a specific instance of wordpress.

Any suggestions or solutions... One was editing the wp-config.php file? I dunno frustrated...

  • Toby

    @Vaughan what do you mean by 1 multisite on the domain I have multisite set up on and then have 4 other sites made from (e.g. ) but I do not have multisite set up on this sub sites?

    The problem I am getting at I think is yes my IP is pointing to public_html, but for some reason its not pointing to my wordpress installation, its cycling thru to an error page....

    Has anyone set up multisite and not have the ip point directly to the main domain because multisite was set up on it? Thats what my hosting guys are telling me...

    So should multisite work and when I enter my ip address it should point the original domain not any sub site under that? without adding any special code anywhere or editing any files?

  • Toby

    @Vaughan Here is specific problem from my hosting provider

    "What we are seeing is the IP address for the account resolves to a Bluehost Ads page. From what I can tell, the Wordpress multisite is preventing the IP address from resolving to the domain By default, the IP address for an account points to (and pulls up) the content on the public_html directory. In an account without multisite, the primary domain for the account is able to be pulled up using the IP address, so long as the account has a dedicated IP (which yours does).

    There may be some sort of .htaccess file adjustment that can be made for the multisite to successfully access the base domain instance of the Wordpress multisite. This would be a custom adjustment that you would need to make. We can help you access the .htaccess file on your server."

  • Vaughan

    Hi @toby,

    From looking at your CPanel & FTP. I can see the problem. I'm not exactly sure of how to resolve though.

    I think the issue is that your addon domains are all aliased to your primary domain

    Each one of these has it's own folder in the public_html.

    I'm not sure if domain mapping will work in that scenario. Maybe if your host can move your primary domain to it's own vhost. & then all the addon domains changed so they don't alias to as long as the IP address points to the documentRoot of your multisite install.

    All the other domains in your CPanel are all pointing at the same IP address as your domain which is your multisite domain. The question is, are those addon domains the domains you want mapping on your multisite, or do they actuall have their own single site installs?

    I believe the folders that are created in the public_html are also playing a part in this.

    I'm a little confused by what your host is saying though.


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