[Multisite Sitemaps] Question about Smart Crawl Pro and SEO Plugins

We've been running the WPMUDev Sitemaps XML plugin for years. We recently noticed our Google search engine ranking and appearance in results have tanked. Literally, our main site is a leading resource in its niche, and within the past few weeks it is now nearly nonexistent in search results...

Upon further investigation, I noticed the sitemap was indexing only 70± entries, on a site with thousands of posts and pages. I decided to deactivate the Sitemaps plugin and remove the related .htaccess entry.

Since we use the All In One SEO plugin on our featured sites, I activated its Sitemaps feature and confirmed the new sitemap was indexing 2000± entries, then resubmitted that to Google via our Webmaster Tools account. Results are still not returning for common keywords that used to rank high for us, but it has only been about 24± hours.

I would like to know how Smart Crawl Pro will work on sites with All In One SEO activated. Will they play nice together? We do not plan to remove AIOSEO. But I need to know if Smart Crawl Pro will function with that plugin active, especially what will happen regarding the sitemaps generated by both plugins.

I liked having sitemaps auto-generated for all sites on the network. With AIOSEO only activated and configured manually on certain sites, can we use still Smart Crawl Pro to generate sitemaps and help improve SEO on ALL sites in other ways?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!