Multisite Storage Space Quote Reached But Media Library Empty?

We have a site within a multisite network that did have plenty of media in the uploads folder and subsiquently the storage space said it was full.

I removed the media from the library and even via FTP there is nothing there now.

However, within the dashboard it is still saying...
500.00 MB (100%) Space Used

How can i reset this amount as it should be 0% used.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello uol,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    If you're 100% sure that a substantial amount of space was made free, that's most likely the "server side stat issue". What I mean is that on many servers (it's very often on shared hosts) the storage quota stats/limits are not updated in a real time but on a schedule - every couple of hours or even days.

    I'm not sure how long has passed since you have removed those files but it might be worth to just wait a bit more or - if it's already quite long - there might be some option in cPanel/server management panel to regenerate/re-check these stats (whether it's available or not, that usually depends on how your host configured the management panel).

    If that doesn't help either (or is not available), I suggest getting in touch with the host and asking them if they could "force re-check" of the quota. In case they said it's still exhausted, ask them please if they could generate the list of folders on your account along with their sizes. Such a list would let you identify what's actually "clogging up" the space (often overlooked aspect are e-mail accounts, if there are any).

    But I think that most likely that's just a matter of re-checking the current storage use so your host should be able to help you with that.

    Let me know how that went, please.

    Kind regards,

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