Multisite Sub Blog Setup & Relative URLs

Hi there, i'm making progress creating a private multisite for my members, really impressed with the New Blogs Template, didn't realise it would be able to copy even tables across so I'm able to setup networked wide Gravity Forms even.

Only a few issues so far:

* Categories aren't working on the source template site. Clicking on the category is going to a broken page.
I've given you site access. If you find the site Danielsite in there you can have a look and see if you can help.

* I have a redirect on the Gravity Forms after completion, but I don't know what the relative URL I should be using to take people to other areas of the site and so that is reflected in the form.
So what would I use?

* I also need a relative URL I can put on the public Buddypress site which would take the user to this private /username/ page.
Any ideas what I would use?

I'm using BuddyMenu which allows custom url's and would like to put the URL in their main site dashboard too using one of your other snazzy plugins.

I did some research for Relative URLs, but only found this plugin, but not sure if I need that and looks bit complicated to use.

Thanks for any help and well done on another wicked plugin! I'm finally getting there, only taken 6 months!