multisite subdomain issue in Pro Sites


I’m running a multisite ( which has subdomains. One of the subdomains is

I have installed the Edublog theme there as well (so multisite on the main theme AND on the subdomain).

I intend on installing multisites for 6 neighborhoods in Boston: North End, Back Bay, South End, Downtown, Beacon Hill & West End. I’ll be running these main sites and then I want to run client sites off of these 6 sites.

I setup Pro Sites on the Network level so I’m assuming the settings there will apply to all sites/subdomains.

I navigated to and clicked on the “Join Here” link. When I did this it redirected me back to site for the signup.

My questions is: is this the way I want it set up? I think at somepoint I’ll use the domain mapping plugin and map the domain to their respective neighborhoods. However, if I do this, and it redirects back to the main site, this would be confusing to clients and me.

I checked the URLs in the North End subdomain and they are so the plugin (Pro Sites) must be setup to redirect back to the main site.

I just need some advice from someone who can suggest the best setup.