multisite - subdomains stopped working properly

I have a multisite installation
It was working fine, with the normal (Norwegian) site on and the Danish site on

I was trying to speed the site up finding the right cache tool that worked on multisite, and suddenly I saw the /danmark/ site stop loading correctly, its like it don't load the theme...

when I try to access the dashboard for the /danmark/ it time out.
I have also tried to add a new site, I can add it with no problem but I can not access the dashboard and the site loads like /danmark/ with no theme.

I have deleted the differen plugins I tried do cache optimizing with, cleaned up the htaccess file to normal, and checked the wp-config, I have also searched the server install for anything relating to cache etc and removed that, but still I can not get it work correctly again as it did before...

What to do?