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I hate to ask such a simple question…but, I have set up Multisite in the “directory” (as opposed to the sub-domain) set up and I need to know where I can upload (via ftp) and image file to get a working URL for a sub-account like shown below…

I’ve tried it in the “blogs.dir” folder and also created a “subsite/images/” in the root installation folder…no avail. I’d greatly appreciate your help!


  • adverse
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    You should let WordPress handle the directory for you.

    Log in to your wp-admin, and use the Media link to upload images to your Media Library. This way WP can manage the organization of files, and it allows you to Insert these images into posts/pages with the link right above your WYSIWYG.

    If you need to upload using FTP for some reason… I would suggest creating an images directory in the specific theme in need of images, then reference these images using get_template_directory_uri() or another appropriate WordPress function for outputting the path to the current theme directory.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings tripod0502,

    The media library is not actually a folder, it is a post/page option plus a site menu option titled "Media"

    See screen shot below for site menu option.

    You would upload a image or file using the media uploader into the media library which in turn once uploaded if you check the image itself within the library it will have a URL to the image.

    In a post or page you would upload the image or media using the icon at the top left corner of the WYSIWYG visual editor and embed the image within the page or post.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance figuring it out :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Joe

  • Shawn
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    @tripod, uploading to the files folder for the blog won’t actually make it appear within their media library. You’ll need to use the media library directly, OR use a media importer plugin (which have security implications). It’s best to simply upload it thru the web interface if possible.

    As far as the actual answer to your question – the user files are stored here:


    Where ‘n’ is the $blog_id, which you can obtain from the “network sites” page by floating over the Path link.

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