Multisite: Subsites are not displaying

I have installed multisite at bluehost. I followed the instructions to edit .htaccess, etc. and I added a wildcard A record to point my main domain ( The problem comes when I add a new site ( WPMU acts as if it was a success however, I get a "404: File Not Found" when I try to access it. It seems that WPMU isn't able to create the subdomain. Any suggestions? I'm struggling!

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    Hi @steelteal,

    Do you have a dedicated IP address? This scenario would require one. With a dedicated IP, the server can route all incoming requests to the same site.

    Wordpress can't actually create a subdomain, but what it does is watch the URL. It can recognize what URL a visitor is using, and will pull up the appropriate site. The wildcard DNS settings allow all subdomains to reach your Wordpress installation.

    It looks like you might not have a dedicated IP. In this can you can do a workaround, but you will need to create each subdomain individually in cPanel, and point it to the folder of your main Wordpress installation.

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