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Do myCred points sync across all subsites in a multi site installation? Ex is a MU install with and as subsites. MyCred is installed on all the sites. Will points earned by a member on site1 carry over to site2? I’m building a large scale network and plan on having different components installed as subsites and want to make sure user activity across all the sites are synced.

  • Ash
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    Hello John

    Yes, a member will be able to share same points across the multisite. Here is the test from mycred site:

    On multisite installations a users meta data is stores in one table which means if a user needs to have a unique balance on each site, we can not use the point type key setup. This would mean a user would have the same balance on all sites (if they are member on more then one).

    To get around this, myCRED appends the sites Blog ID to the meta key. This way a user can have a unique balance on each site. You can disable this using the “Central Logging” feature in myCRED. When central logging in enabled, a user will have the same balance and history on all sites.

    Here are details:

    Hope it helps! Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

    Have a nice day!


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