Multisite sync but keep some content particular to each site

Hi There

I am trying to build a little network of websites for each area we work on
and i try to get one master website with content and sync it to the rest of them but i would like some content to be kept specific to each website location

page1 content
something something something website "specific name web1" something something something
page1 content
something something something website "specific name web2" something something something

this "specific name web2" can be site Name or some variable .. within each minisite

i am sure can be done .. the hard part is to explain it in technical words :slight_smile:

i guess i am looking for variables to insert in page code.. and i have no idea where to get them..

any help appreciated.

  • Isaia

    Hi Jack
    Thank you for your reply

    what i am trying to get done is:

    create for each area (AREA1, AREA2) a website in my multisite install

    Problem 1 Content (and some variables depending each site)
    the content is important as it should relate to each area in particular

    I can manually edit each page (on each subdomain) but that is not ideal when you intent to have over 10 locations (subdomains)

    each site will contain the same content
    "SERVICE PROVIDER1" offer the best service. Buy it form "SERVICE PROVIDER1"

    on second subdomain should read "SERVICE PROVIDER2" in the same content

    Problem 2

    i am using ThreeWP Broadcast to broadcast content from one main site (subdmain) to the rest of the subdomains,
    i do not find it very good but .. eventually it does the Sync

    the problem is that I DO NOT KNOW how to get the menu from SITE 1 to SITE 2 to be the same. and if i change menu on site 1 to change menu on site 2 as well.

    i hope that now it make more sense on what i want to do..

    something similar to what i wan to do is:
    each suburb you click on it has the same website but only location is changing in the content also menu is same everywhere except main website.

    .. Thank you

  • Vaughan


    with regards to problem 1.

    the best way I can think of for this would be to create global shortcodes for each of the values you want.

    Is SERVICEPROVIDER1 & SERVICEPROVIDER2 an actual user/admin of each site?

    If so, then we could create a shortcode possibly this plugin could be utilised for that.

    or if that wouldn't work, you could perhaps create multiple shortcodes in mu-plugins/functions.php

    So then whenever that shortcode is displayed, it will be replaced with the shortcode definition you setup instead.

    If the plugin won't work for this case, it could be possible to do it with a custom mu-plugins/ function instead.

    Hope this helps

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