Multisite theme manager breaks on WP 4.9

The multisite theme manager no longers display the theme's images properly .. please see the attached screenshot. Notice how the customize button appears .. and on hover, the (activate) and (live preview) buttons appear over the theme image. I've tested that on a new multisite install as I was not sure which plugin cause this.. but now I'm sure it's the multisite theme manager. Once I deactivate the plugin, the themes appear normally. It works with WordPress 4.8 but not 4.9.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi GeekMaster

    Can you download the attached zip.

    Upload the enclosed index.php to


    You can also upload custom themes to:

    /wp-content/uploads/multisite-theme-manager/your-theme/” folder. (Tip: duplicate the default theme from “wp-content/plugins/multisite-theme-manager/multisite-theme-manager-files/themes/”

    So if you have made custom themes, then you’ll need to copy the changes made in the 3-eight theme index.php I have attached here.

    changes made were to add theme-container-id div (in 2 places)

    Just compare the code with your custom theme. (Don’t forget the closing div)

    Hope this helps

  • GeekMaster
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hello Vaughan,

    I have downloaded the file and uploaded it to : /wp-content/plugins/multisite-theme-manager/multisite-theme-manager-files/themes/3-eight

    and I overwrote the existing index.php file with that file. (according to what I understood from your instructions). Did I miss something!

    Still the problem is not solved on my end!

    Let me ask you this; If that issue could be solved by changing a line of code or replacing a file,

    then Why Don’t you guys Update the plugin and save us (the users) the hassle of changing code ?!!

    Why do we have to always get involved with code to make your plugins work properly?

    Fixing those minor glitches for ALL USERS should be a priority! especially for a simple fix like that.. It is not worth the time.

    How long would it take you to release an update for your plugin & address that one-time for ALL YOUR USERS? Probably less time than what it would take you to reply to this post!

    I do appreciate your help and support. And I like WPMUDEV however, what I don’t like is the slowness in addressing issues, and in considering feature requests. The ETA is always unknown & could take years for any required fix or a feature request! (I’m speaking from what I’ve seen from people on your forum & from my own experience too)

    It is not the first time that I report an issue or something wrong with your plugins, I’ve reported an issue for PROsite here:

    Instead of you guys updating the plugin to address that simple issue right away (atleast that’s what I was expecting), I was advised to use CSS to hide the text! Then guess what when this plugin is updated sometime in the future (God knows when) I’ll have to go back and remove the CSS I added. Is that convenient?!

    (Btw, It has been two months since I’ve posted about that PROsite issue and until now the plugin has not been updated with a fix. No ETA as always for such a simple fix. If it’s a big issue or a feature request I guess it will take years to get addressed.

    This all lead me to the main question, Why not just update your plugin/s and save us the headache!

    Honestly, I don’t like spending time changing codes & experimenting what might work, especially when I know that the next plugin update will overwrite my changes anyway. I’m sure most of WPmudev users would agree.


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi GeekMaster,

    I’ve just test Vaughans fix on my end and it worked fine, can you double check that the correct file is replaced and clear server side caching if you have any.

    Vaughan’s fix has been pushed to the plugin repository and it will be included in the next release of the plugin, we just provide minor fixes like this so that members don’t need to wait for the release.

    We understand that some updates are taking longer than expected but due to the number of plugins we have and process they need to go through before the release (code review and QA test) this is something we can’t give ETA’s for.

    Best regards,


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