Multisite theme manager wrong path for translation files


Thank you for the new version of Multisite Theme Manager, it's very good.
But there is a problem with the path for translation (.po and .mo) files. The folder for translation files is:


But in multisite-theme-manager.php file we can see the followind code (line 162):

load_plugin_textdomain( 'wmd_multisitethememanager', false, $this->plugin_rel.'languages/' );

This line of code defines the wrong path:

multisite-theme-manager/languages/ (without 'multisite-theme-manager-files')

So the 162nd line of code in multisite-theme-manager.php should be something like this:

load_plugin_textdomain( 'wmd_multisitethememanager', false, $this->plugin_rel.'multisite-theme-manager-files/languages/' );

Fix this issue in the next version of the plugin please.

Regards, Eugene.