Multisite unable to create pages. 11 Pages showing as published, no pages in list

I just don't understand. Nothing new has been installed since last time I came in to the back end. I discovered the problem because I went to and came up with a 404 on all pages. Devastated. I was almost done with this project.
So I logged in and went to Pages.
The console showed All(10) Published(10) Trash(1) - BUT NOTHING IS IN THE PAGES LIST.
Pages list says No Pages Found.
I tried to create a page. Everything looked fine, saved fine. Now the console shows All(11) Published(11) Trash(1), but the new page is not in the list and can't be viewd (404)
I logged in MySQL and went to wp_4_posts. The pages are all in there in the database. Can't see an option or anything there out of place.
I took some screenshots, but I guess there no place in this support system to upload screenshots.
Please oh Please does anyone know what/where I can look to figure out this issue!?