MultiSite Unique Invite Code Generator for BuddyPress

Hi guys,

I'm trying to create an invite only network on BuddyPress. Currently, I'm using the Signup Code plugin, which is adequate for the time being, but the solution that I'm hoping for in the next few weeks is a little more sophisticated than that.

What I would like to do, in fact, need to do, is something along the lines of what Ello did at their onset:

- So new user (a) is invited to the network and given a unique and coinciding invite code.

- After signup, new user (a) is given (x) amount of new invite codes, say, (b,) (c,) and (d,) to invite his own friends to the network.

* It would be nice to have as much control over this setup as possible, such as, maintaining a master key of sorts, while it also did most of the heavy lifting - the generation of unique invite codes for each new signup. Lastly, one of the problems I have with the Sign Up Code plugin is that it's universal across MultiSite - I would like the ability to handle different sites differently.

I'm not sure if that's making sense or if there's anything like that available - I couldn't find anything. I was wondering if Membership Pro 2 could do anything like that with some customization?

Thank you for your time and my apologies for the generalized nature of this ticket.