multisite upgrade messages

so i found out the hard way what wordpress multisite does to my subblog members when there's an upgrade available with this latest 3.0.2 update. after login, my subblog user was greated with a MASSIVE "update db" (or something similar, can't remember exactly) message with a button for them to click to upgrade/update.... the message is the only thing on the page, so a lay user might just click it (in practice, one could simply refresh the page to get into their admin area without upgrading, but a lay person probably won't think to try that)

now, since my site is in alpha and only a few test users, no one was on at the time and tried to do it (i think).

BUT, that left me wondering, what would've happened if a subblog user tried to upgrade by clicking that button. it seems to me that that is an operation only the super admin should be asked to do??

now, i realize maybe for whatever reason this 3.0.2 update was "required" due to some sorta serious "security risks" so maybe typically a multisite update does not impose this type of message to subblog users?

anyway, i updated as super admin and things went pretty well THIS TIME.

but i'm just wondering, for future wordpress core updates, will subblog users be presented with a massive wordpress-branded "UPGRADE OR DIE" type message??

if so, dang!! i'll be convinced multisite is just a ruse to get us mu operators to get people hooked on the wordpress ui, until we admins get tired of upgrading and eventually shut down our sites, after which time our users will just migrate to ha ha. very smart, wordpress!!

but in all seriousness, can someone provide more details on core wordpress multisite upgrading ux from the non-superadmin pov? if the default is for members to ALWAYS get wordpress-branded upgrade messages, is there a way to turn this off so that only superadmin gets notified? or maybe turn off wp core update messages all together (i mean come on, superadmins will find out about upgrades one way or another through the grape vine shortly after upgrade is available anyway).

and what if for some reason a superadmin can't upgrade that very second the upgrade is available?? maybe not until a week or month later, in the mean time subblog users think they're locked out of their admin area until they upgrade themselves? they'll be totally confused...