Multisite user management question

Hello, I am looking for a solution to a situation I have.

lets say i have 3 sites. site1 site2 site3. i want these sites to be able to share users by "group" or user role privileges set by each individual site.

I want users of site1 to be able to access site2 and site3. I want the users of site2 to have access to site2 and site3, but not site1.

it doesnt seem like multisite user manager does what i need it to. It sets a default user level. I need sites to share roles and access. and deny users by role as well.

Is there any way to accomplish this?


  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @odotjdot

    I hope you are well today and thanks for for your question.

    I'm not aware of a way you can do this, in this sort of chain way, set by roles etc, I'm going to discuss with a colleague @Alexander Rohmann and see if he has any ideas :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • Alexander
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    Hi there @odotjdot,

    Mutisite actually manages all users from one place. They can be added to blogs just by signing up at that blog. At that point they'll be given a subscriber role.

    I've not seen anything that will deny users based on role from site to site.

    However I have worked out before how to prevent them from being added as a subscriber of the main site.

    You can add this code snippet within a network activated plugin, and when users create their own blog, they won't be added to the primary blog on your network. Not quite what you're asking for specifically, but hopefully it helps.

    Take care

  • odotjdot
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    thanks guys.

    my sites are more user sites.

    one is a store, one is a membership site, one is a wholesaler store for dealers only.

    I would want to deny users of the store and membership site to not have access to the dealer site (by role). but the dealers would be able to join the member site (if they paid) and can purchase regular items as well from the store.

    i would also want users who were also members to have a role that would automatically give them a discount or some sort of badge on comments (because of their role) on the store site.

    but it doesnt appear that its possible.

    hopefully one day. I see a lot of people asking for some kind of custom access roles between different sites on a mutisite setup.
    However, i can see how it would get confusing after a while. user roles have to change from time to time. Maybe a groups situation would work?

    group A - made up of role 2 5 and 6 have normal access to site-Red. and limited access to site-blue

    group B - made up of role 1 3 and 4 have access to site-Blue via membership. meaning group A has access to a membership area. other groups have limited access "free" area or something along those lines. Group B also gets a discount from the store on site-red (this would be set up by the role capabilities on site-red)

    Group C - made up of role 7 and 8 have access to site-green. limited access to site-blue and normal access to site-red.

    etc etc.

    this would be a network wide thing.

    something like this would be valuable to a lot of people. mainly me :smiley: lol

    I know there is a groups plugin. but it doesnt appear to work over networks.

    thanks for all your help

  • DavidM
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    Hi odotjdot,

    It's not a well known feature, but the Membership plugin has the capability of restricting access globally in multi-site use, including being able to restrict access to specific urls (including whole sites), on a member level basis.

    The thing is, that option adds a layer of complexity. It's really powerful, but the logic behind it all requires some serious thinking and tweaking (not coding, just trial and error with settings).

    The following thread discusses that relatively hidden option if you'd like to look into it:

    Please be advised though, while it's a very powerful feature, it takes time and patience to tame this beast!

  • Alexander
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    Hi @odotjdot,

    As for WooCommerce, Membership doesn't have integration here, but it can do URL based protection. So for example you could protect entire sections or categories this way by creating URL groups. This way you can protect content from just about any Wordpress plugin.

    This feature is explained in depth in the plugin manual you can find here:

    Let us know if you need any other help with this

    Best regards,

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