Multisite User Role Sync

Hello –

We are setting up a multisite network which includes three different themes that align different user roles and permissions.

We have (4) types of users:

1) General free business owner user: post questions to Q&A website

2) Paid business owner user: post questions to Q&A website + purchase projects on our project site + posts Gigs on the freelancer site

3) Advisor User: Answer questions on Q&A site + post projects on project site + post Gigs on the freelancer site

4) Freelancer User: Answer questions on Q&A site + claim Gigs on freelancer site

How would we setup a multisite user sync — so we can map the user roles & permissions correctly across sites & signups?

We are looking to setup one general user registration flow per user type — which then maps accordingly network wide.

  • Sajid
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    Hello Chris,

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    By default all users are property of Network admin and added as subscriber on main site only or on the site they have registered too.

    In your case, if you have registration on your main site then the user will only be member of main site. It has nothing to do on other sites.

    So right now you have two goals, one sync users on all sites and two set the role on per site basis.

    To add a users on all sites, you can use MultiSites User Sync plugin.

    But that plugin sync the users roles too. So users will have same role on all sites, that is not what you want.

    For this purpose, you would have to customise this plugin or write your own script, that will add the users on other sites with appropriate role. I am sorry but this is something that is beyond the level of support we can provide here, to do this you will have code yourself (if you know PHP then we can guide you through the process) otherwise, you will have to hire an independent developer from jobs board.

    Take care and happy new year :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,


  • Chris
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    Thank you for getting back to me! Amazing response time — like amazing.

    In regards to this question, here are my thoughts:

    A. I use this plugin to setup a User Role with the appropriate network wide permissions per each of the (4) user types:

    B. I then create a unique url for a registration form associated with each role — so (4) unique signup forms in total

    C. I then utilize your user sync plugin to map the roles network wide

    Do you believe that would manufacture our desired results?

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