Multisite User Sync including Groups

I need to do this on my network and want to know if it has already been created/done or if I need to hire a freelancer for this.

I need a plugin for WordPress Multisite that will sync users data across all sites on the network.

The plugin should have sync options for syncing Groups data as well:

The plugin should allow us to choose which user data gets synced across all sites including the Groups fields.

If a user has a groups capability assigned to them from one site the plugin should automatically create that capability on the other site (if it does not currently exist already). If the capability is already on the other site it needs to assign that capability to the user if they had that capability on another site.


User registers on site 1 and is auto assigned to a group with a capability. That user than goes to site 2. Site 2 should auto add that user to the site and assign the same groups and capabilities to that user that the user had on site 1. If site 2 does not have that group and capability it should be created automatically on site 2 and added to the user.

Our network is used for a single company and does not create sites for others so the users data should be the same on all sub-sites.

Thank you,