Multisite variable link to admin panel

First, Merry Christmas and thank you for taking your time to help!

Second, so I am trying to create a variable link so that users can access there admin panel.

I want to put a link in the admin bar titled “Home”

So here is how it works. A user logs in. The admin bar pop up. The link title “Home” is in the admin bar. They are able to click on that and it takes them to their admin panel NOT the main site’s admin panel.



How do I create a variable link that will pull the site name associated with the username that is logged in. It can’t pull the username because users can have a different username form their site name.

Ex. I can pick User as my username and pick MyShop as the site name.

So the link has to be able to pull the MyShop (site name) portion into the link NOT the User (username) portion.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!