Multisite Verses Multinetwork For This Config?


I am looking for advice please if possible.

I have a dot com domain name and initially I was just going to go for using multisite

However because my target audience is worldwide, I am trying to think of the best way to proceed now and partition the project

If I wanted to partition my customers in the following way - can this be achieved easily with just multisite? proclubs/ containing subsites of various leages and clubs based in the UK. pro events/ subsites for organisations with various events and social fitness classes based in the UK. with various leages and clubs based in the United States etc etc

Each club or league subsite would run the sportspresspro plugin

Each organisation might run more of a simple calendar list of events and classes

Potentially someone might want to run a league which could consist of either a club subsite or the whole leage as a subsite.

I want the main dotcom domain to act as the hub which all visitors and site members hit and then drill down to their country>>>leagues>>>club subsite etc

How would your Global site search and blogs directory work in this hierarchy?

Would they work at the top level or would they only work per multi network?

If the answer to my last question is only per multi network - is there another plugin that can help network and link multinetworks together from a central domain?

Thanks in advance