Multisite with buddypress enabled on child blogs membership rules not applied


i set up wordpres + multisite and activated buddypress (network activated), membership plugins (activated only on main site).

I setup levels, rule and subscription.

there is a basic level where i set user cant access to menu Pages-> Add page and Users-> Add user

but when i login on child site i can still see the both menu

i tried to apply postive (check only sub menu itmes that are allowed ) as well as tried negative rule (check only sub menu itmes that are not allowed). but results.

my installation seams mess up now. and uninstalling the plugin do not clean things too. please mention some way to clean the database and so i can install the plugin again.

For reference subscription is working finr user can create account, can pay through paypal and i see back end correct subscriptiona nd level is added in the membership plugin members area.

please help me fast.

Supporter plugin with multilevel any idea or any beta release i would love test it and that is real requirement