Multisite WP starting up...not.


I'm a total novice in WP. I taught myself html when it was still in version 1, and ran a couple of networks in an academic setting, but that was back before the internet was known by anyone other than a few folks in universities. I had someone set up a site for me on WP, and discovered that there was a multisite version. Since I want to run another site, having a single install made sense to me. I seem to have created it, but now everything refuses to work. So, I don't know. I can get into the site, but I can't seem to configure or run anything. When I tried to start setting up the new site, and apply a different theme to it than the one my existing site uses, it tried applying the new theme to the existing site, and the new site still isn't accessible. I was able to undo that by disabling the theme and flushing the cache for my existing wp site.

So, what do you need to ask me, as I know I've offered only anecdotal info and no specifics. I tried rewriting the .htaccess as described, and that doesn't seem to have worked.

Purplexed in Philly,