Multisite & WPMUDev Networks

Greetings WPMUDev members :slight_smile:

I am starting my first of hopefully many multisite networks. I believe I have a good idea for what I want and the systems & processes needed to achieve my goals. Nothing new here, I just want to have subscription websites (free, $15, & $30 a month) for certain niches with support & community. I also have many subscription sites for research & ideas like HappyTables, ZenFolio, etc. Though as far as multisites with WPMUDev tools, the only one I know of is Edublogs of course. I know there a lot out there. Can someone give me feedback so I can find examples (multisite with WPMUDev plugins subscription networks) for research & ideas?

=> Thanks
==> John Buck
===> Buck Internet