Multisite/Buddypress: Is it possible to integrate Buddypress across the network?

Hi folks,

This is quite a complicated question so please excuse my horrific attempt at explaining it!

So here goes, I have a multisite installation that uses Buddypress.

The general concept of the network is that a user signs up and uses that one account across the entire network (one login for all sites).

The network itself is a collection of relevant but differing types of services related to a single niche.

I seem to have managed this to some degree using Multisite User Management. Users are now automatically added to all sites (subsites) in the network.

[NOTE] at this point I should probably clarify that by ‘subsite’ I mean all sites on the network that aren’t the main host site (if that’s what you call it) [/NOTE]

However, it is specifically the Buddypress integration that I’m interested in.

I would like to be able to display the activity stream (and perhaps other buddypress features) on each site on the Multisite network; and for it to only display the activity from that site itself (not the rest of the network).

[NOTE] To clarify, it would NOT be a ‘separate’ BuddyPress instance [/NOTE]

However I would like the MAIN site to display activity from across the entire network. This is because the main site acts as an aggregator for all the network’s user interactions activity.

I am also looking for the kind of functionality where each ‘subsite’ has it’s own discussion area (located on the subsite itself)

Perhaps the ideal way would be to set up individual Buddypress groups:

Say the address of a subsite is then I would like to set up a BuddyPress discussion group called subsite1 and actually display that group on (which in this case would be mapped to

This way, the user wouldn’t be taken to a different site ( to discuss topics related to the site that they’re on now (in this case, subsite1). But instead, they would remain on the current site (

I would imagine that with the latest release of BuddyPress it wouldn’t be too difficult to get the features displaying properly regardless of theme compatibility, however I’m not sure how to go about implementing this sort of functionality.

Any ideas? (deep breath)