Multisites and Multidomains in same host

I have a shared hosting account (Host Gator) with several subdomains. I am attempting to create a multisite and using the domain tools that you offer. I am using the subdomain options for multisite.

I have followed the directions on placing * in the Cpanel.

I have a main domain, we will call it I have several subdomains, I will list them as

I can get the to use virtual subdomains when I create blogs. ie test.maindomain works. Host Gator uses subdomains and they can be accessed like this, and also maps to I am trying to use the mutidomain feature to connect to my subdomains as well, but I want them rendered as within the multi site. Not only do I want to do that, I want to use virtual subdomains as well under the same multisite. I have tried changing cnames for everthing to point to the root of the main domain but it fails to work.

Let me list a real scenario. My main domain is I can create any virtual subdomain for wordpress and it works. Using the multidomain feature I would my subdomain to be part of the network. I would like the main blog on to point to and not But to Additionally I would like to create sub-blogs under the in the same multisite as well. So I could have Is this possible with your domain tool that you provide and what exactly would I have to do in CPanel/Cname to get this to work? I have a dedicated IP.

Thank you for the help in advance, I love the tools that you provide here, I cant wait to get my sites to use your products.