Multivendor Multisite With a Global Product base

What i am Trying to do Is set up a Site network for small business. Our Main site would Act more of a directory for the other sites on the network.

Which is looks like we can do with the Site categories plugin with some tweaks for geo locations and Such. My main questions come down to the the marketpress aspect of it. I see where we can have a global cart with paypal.

this is where my questions come in. Is there a way to Global Cart with another payment Provider Like One gateway Just like amazon for instance. We take 100% of the payments no matter the vendor site there from and we will issue there payments minus our fees.

And we have a quite large catalog of products ourselves that we are offering to these vendors to sell along side there offering, is there a way to do this without duplicating everything?

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    thanks for posting.

    unfortunately mp only supports using paypal with global carts.

    i believe you can use the global producys shortcodes to list products on all sites. but each store on the network will still only contain their own items,

    [mp_list_global_products] - Displays a network-wide list of products according to preference.
    Optional Attributes:

    "paginate" - Whether to paginate the product list. This is useful to only show a subset. Default: 1
    "page" - How many products to display in the product list if "paginate" is set to true. Default: 20
    "per_page" - How many products to display in the product list if "paginate" is set to 1.
    "order_by" - What field to order products by. Can be: date, title, price, sales, rand. Default: date
    "order" - Direction to order products by. Can be: DESC, ASC. Default: DESC
    "category" - Limits list to a specific product category. Use the category Slug
    "tag" - Limits list to a specific product tag. Use the tag Slug
    "show_thumbnail" - Whether to show the product thumbnail. Default: 1
    "thumbnail_size" - Max thumbnail width/height. Default: 150
    "show_price" - Whether to show the product price. Default: 1
    "text" - Choose "excerpt", "content", or "none". Default: excerpt
    "as_list" - Whether to show as an unordered list. Default: 0
    Example: [mp_list_global_products paginate="1" page="0" per_page="10" order_by="price" order="DESC" category="downloads"]
    You may also use the mp_list_global_products() template function in your theme with the same arguments.

    so you could essential create a global marketplace, on each site using the global shortcodes whilst still using the sites own store too.

    hope this helps.

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