Must people register before they can purchase?

Must users login before they can purchase?

I feel like I had it all working perfectly but now have noticed this? When I go to the subscribe page as a visitor and click the subscribe button I get asked to sign up. This then creates a new user in the backend. However I am not offering any free level. They then see the paypal button to buy and it all works.

What happens if they don’t buy? I then have an annoying user created that has no level and would have to go through and delete manually…

It also then goes ahead and sends out the welcome email that is specifically for members.. it also passes the user into Mailchimp into that programs autoresponder which again is useless – I want that just to be for paid members..

Please tell me I have somehow turned this on somewhere on my website and it doesn’t have to be this way.. if so its almost useless to me if want to sync with autoresponder ect.