My account has been screwed up since I took over payments of it from an employer.

I can access all wpmu plugins and themes and can request support but cannot reply on any of the tickets. what was the $400+ for if support keeps asking for me to sign up again .my account is supposed to be good till 6/16. this is really a problem for me right now and it is making me re-assess if I will continue with wordpress. it does not bode well . particularly since my employer told me I would be good for yet another year. after that. please advise. and don’t ask any questions or I’ll be back here again explaining all of this again to answer the question.

I can not express to you enough how frustrating this is.

oh and the notify by email is check but so far I haven’t even received notification for the last two tickets I have submitted and I have checked my spam fold as well. how do I get in direct touch with the billing department that handles accounts.

thanks in advance