"My Account" Link inserted into Meta Widget?

Having a weird issue on our Multisite install, and the only culprit I can think of is the Ultimate Branding plugin, though I will fully admit it may be something else.

As you can see in the screenshot below (I am working on a New Blog Template for our network, and using it as the example here) our META widgets have an "My Account" link on the top of them.

The link goes to the root URL for the specific blog it resides on.

In all of my experience, this link was meant to be the "Admin" area link, taking a user to their specific /wp-admin/ dashboard...

All meta widgets, on all of our multisite subdomains have the "My Account" verbage in this meta widget area, along with the plain old link to their root URL, and NOWHERE is there a way for them to access their dashboard.

We've had a lot of users ask why they cannot access their DB, it's getting to be a rather cumbersome problem for us.

Any ideas of why this may be happening?

I *AM* using the "Rebranded META Widget* module in the Ultimate branding plugin.

The issue persists whether it is active or not.