My Appointments+ shortcodes are not showing front end

My appointments+ page does not show anything unless I am logged in to my Wordpress site.

I have set a page, with all the short codes at the following address:

However, you can only select a service provider and appointment when I am logged in. I have selected the option to 'Login required: no' in the options.

Please can you help?

Also, the [app_my_appointments] shortcode doesn't show the client name. Is there a way to make this happen?

The shortcodes are as follows:

[app_service_providers ... select="Please choose your location and appointment type:" ... autorefresh="1"]
[app_monthly_schedule ... date="2013-09-02" ... title="Available schedule in START"]
[app_pagination month="1"]

I have linked two PDF's showing my plugins below.
I'm not aware of any changes to capabilities.