My BP email registration are going into the spam folder

Unfortunately after putting live my buddypress website most of the emails sent are going into spam folder

so 3 questions:
1) step by step guide to ensure email deliverability from your own server and dedicated ip (reverse dns,

2) how to turn off email notifications by default?

3) how to not require an email confirmation to registration? *most critical question*

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    1) Make sure your host is strict about spam so that you won't be blacklisted due IP range bans. Check your IP in the blacklists (spamhaus, etc). Check your mailqueue for blocked messages. Make sure you are not running an open relay on your server. Setup RDNS for your main domain. Add a SRV record to DNS. Make sure to follow CAN SPAM act rules for emails, especially subscriptions. Offload all newsletters to a third party service like Mailchimp (never run them from your own server).

    2) You may need a plugin for this.

    3) Ditto on the plugin. I've heard there is one for BP out there, just search for it. Ours in only compatible with WPMU.

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